Monday, June 13, 2011

Silly Ack Ceptance

On June 3rd our youngest daughter was diagnosed with Celiac Disease.  Upon hearing the news, Mabel asked, “Does this mean that all of my dogs have to be naked?”  Naked is the term we give to any sandwich, burger, or dog that goes bun less.  With one little question, we started down a new path. Here is what I know so far…..
Adrenaline is a great thing.
Maternal guilt is stronger than logic.
Maternal instincts are stronger than everything.
I have hate mail to send to some specialists and some judgmental women.
Practically everything in any grocery store is poison for my child.
The internet is both a blessing and a curse.
Facebook is a blessing.
So much of our special memories and traditions revolve around food.
First communion, college drinking and wedding cakes have all crept into my brain in the last week.
Gluten Free is easy…..corn, soy, tomato, apple, orange, and nut plus gluten free is hard.
Gluten free costs an arm and a leg.
Mabel is no longer an enigma (or an anemone as she puts it).
There are specialists out there that do look at your entire child; you just have to find them.
Anyone can be a nutritionist, and dieticians are scared of us.
Very few people know what Celiac Disease is….we’re not going gluten free to be hip.
Meg and Gus are extremely protective of their baby sister.
I married extremely well to say the least.
Mabel contains the wit and tenacity to take this on and be okay.
Timing is everything.
Of course there are worse afflictions but if you think this isn’t scary, you are a dumb ass.
There are $7.00 crackers that should only serve as packing material.
Any minute now I will drive a VW bus, stop shaving my armpits, and hug a tree.
My grocery store, which was like a second home, is now an alien planet.
I’m one of “those” moms asking weird questions like….”Do you have a separate slicer for the Boars Head products?”  “Does your fluoride and toothpaste contain glutens?”  “If you are allergic to soy, can you have soy lecithin?”  “What aisle is Xanthan Gum in?” 
Mabel could be a totally different kid within 6 months.
Chances are very good that Mabel is not the only “Silly Ack” in the house.
One day we will look back on this past week and realize that we’ve come very far.
My children were eating a great diet before this so now it will be stellar.
I thought I was addicted to chocolate but if you tell me to give it up because Mabel can’t have it, it’s easy.
Crying in your closet from time to time actually makes you stronger, rather than weaker.
Despite the fact that I’m 39, I still find poop charts in a GI’s office, very entertaining.
“Gizzards” is far more fun to say than intestines.
I have amazing women surrounding me who have listened, advised, encouraged, and helped.
The strong desire to make your children happy and healthy is relentless, and despite the fact that we are somewhat powerless, having that knowledge doesn’t make it any easier. 
My sister Ann put together family cook books for all of us a few years ago. She took the time to photo copy original recipe cards so that we could each appreciate the handwriting, smudges, spills and scribbled notes on the sides from our Mom and grandmothers.  When Mabel is an old lady, she will pass down her own recipes.  They will have a pinch of Xanthan Gum and lots of rice flour.  They will be full of organic foods.  And her recipe cards will have smudges of beet juice.  Hopefully processed foods will be unpopular and everyone will make a shift back to real food.  Hopefully our motto will become everyone’s motto…”If it doesn’t grow or have a Mama, we don’t eat it.” 
We found out that Mabel has Celiac Disease on a Friday and on Sunday evening while doing a word find, Mabel said, “I’ve found a lot of FU’s but no N’s.”  She was looking for the word “fun”.  Pete and I paused and then laughed hysterically.  Pete thought it was a great way to sum up our weekend.  But then we both agreed that it was just the opposite.  We did get one FU but we had a lot of N’s.   No matter what it is, we will find a way to laugh about it……poop charts, GI visits, blood draws, allergists, and trying funny foods.  Mabel renamed her disease to “Silly Ack!” and it’s very fitting.  It’s totally silly and if you are going to have a disease, this isn’t a bad one to go with…..sure there are scary things but no pills to pop or treatments to endure….you just eat healthy and you will start to feel better.  Will all of Mabels hotdogs be naked?  Nope….we found a $6.00 bag of hotdog buns to put the $9.00 hotdogs in alongside the $4.20 rice macaroni and cheese! 

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